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InterContinental St. Paul - Riverfront
11 E Kellogg BLVD St. Paul, MN
651.292.1900 - Reservations 

FALL 2018

The SAINT Paul Hotel
350 Market St St. Paul, MN
651.292.9292 - Reservations WEBSITE
FOR: CEO, President, Executive, Vice President, Director, Manager, or Senior level persons
IN: Innovation, Product Development, Design (all disciplines), Trend, Marketing, Merchandising

Trend FORECASTING Trainings & Retreats

Imagine this...

BYM3Trend Trainings & Retreats are the brain child of lifelong forecaster, Kiki Redhead, one of only a few dozen trend professionals to hold a Master’s Degree in Trend Forecasting. Since she was a child she has been obsessed with the future, color, and dance. (She promises, she won’t make you dance at the retreats if you don’t want to.) 

REFUND POLICY: We do not provide refunds for registration to M3T Retreats. We do allow the transfer of tickets to co-workers or employees. We also allow resale by the ticket holder to a qualified attendee. And we offer a retreat displacement program where the ticket holder can come to the next scheduled retreat that has open seats available. In any of these cases, please contact M3T immediately to accommodate any participant changes.

Thank you! Kiki & the M3T Team! 612.242.4571 or

TET DATES: JULY 26-29, 2018 - M3T 2018 FALL DATES TBA - NEW2019: PAM Training 


THIS IS THE M3T Retreat Experience

Image credit: Justin Hedstrom

For InsideOut Project - Lowertown, St. Paul

Kiki will facilitate and lead the training aspects of the event. She has created the structure of the entire program and will provide you with all the learning materials. Mentoring, coaching, and support are given priority of attention by her for you. 

All the benefits of attending conferences, trainings, workshops, seminars, and keynote speakers wrapped into one. Eliminate the big crowds, the rushing from session to session, the cocktail events flooded with overpowering white noise.

Now replace those with an intimate setting of high-quality influential business people, like yourself, where collaboration, communication, and conversation are key to the essence of the event. Where ideas big and small emerge from sharing non-competitive information through transparent exploration of past, present, and future; your thoughts and visions. Where facilitated interactive discussions and participative workshops with objectives lead to foresight. Foresight for the future success of your company, culture, industry, brand, customer, and product.

Where you gain authentic knowledge, strategy, and structure to proactively introduce, implement, and execute programs, processes, projects, products, and presentations inspired by and directed by future movements into every level of your organization. Where you hone your skills in forecasting, observation, cultivation, intuition, and storytelling through gamification, real world experience, and individual and group activities. Where you and only 9 other people, immerse yourselves in innovation, ideation, and identification learning from each other, networking, and building lifetime business and friendly relationships.

A place where right and left brain thinking is merged. Where analysis, data, fact, fiction, design, art and the educated prediction of the future show us a new path that will validate or disrupt your current internal and external strategic business intentions. Where you will watch videos, role play, hear from top tier speakers, take field trips, create, research and learn. An event where the importance of relaxing and having fun isn’t forgotten about either. Nor are you forgotten about when you depart, as you become part of our Big Brain Think Tank a collaborative community of big thinkers focusing on trends, innovation, creativity, and the future. 

THIS IS A REAL PLACE where we erase the B2B - B2C logic and we focus on the P2P (people to people).

JULY 26-29, 2018